By adopting parallel teaching and learning approaches in most of our classes, student and faculty can enjoy a sense of educational culture.

At SEBS we foster in students a desire to ask questions and a need to develop critical thinking skills. A SEBS foundation includes a blend of scholarly and applied thinking that enables students to learn from historical contexts, yet prepares them to tackle the challenges we face in the 21st Century. As stated on our webpage, SEBS is a campus of “green spaces, a pond (known fondly as "Passion Puddle"), and outstanding specimens of trees and plants, which bring SEBS’ educational philosophy to life. Helyar Woods, the Rutgers Gardens, and research farm, are set amid highly urbanized and industrialized central New Jersey. The area surrounding the campus mirrors the contrasts of the state: the most urban in the nation, yet 60 percent of its land is farm and forest.”

There are four elements that a course must adopt to become STAT certified:

  • A STAT Syllabus
and some explicit task from any three of these STAT categories