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Guide for making your course Hybrid!

Hybrid is a blend of online and face-to-face teaching. The f-t-f and online components will complement each other. If you already have content online, changing to a hybrid format need not be a radical redesign; redesign is incremental. Hybrid environment offers advantages of both f-t-f and online. First time as hybrid will take more time than f-t-f. Students need to know the class format when registering and syllabi should indicate what activities will be conducted during the online portion.

1) To maximize benefit, find someone in your dept. also interested so you can share a room. 2) Upper-level courses with enrollments below 20 are easier. 3) Send proposal to CEP if changing format or proposing a new course

Course Design: 1) Keep course goals and objectives and consider carefully how they can best be achieved in the hybrid environment. 2) Varying ways to schedule: alternating days, alternating weeks, clusters of weeks. Whatever you way you choose, make sure this information is obvious. 3) Start small and start early. Redesign in incremental. Tech is a tool, not the focus. 3) Focus on the integration of the online and face-to-face components. 4) Keep students well-guided. Use checklists, learning progressions, modules. Require tasks before students can move on.

Hints: 1) Avoid high-stakes testing online (that cuts down on issues of authentication, claims by students of tech problems. Instead, try using online tools such as wikis or blogs for students to demonstrate knowledge and for you to assess them 2) Use 'Group' tools in LMS: Increase student interaction; use students to do some of the assessment for you. 3) Use f-t-f time for discussion, esp. if you are new to promoting and assessing online discussion. 4) Avoid the common tendency to cover too much material and include too many activities. 5) Avoid emails. Use discussion boards and announcements for communications. 6) Use the resources already available. Search for discipline-specific Web sites for available content. Check out MERLOT, MIT OCW and other learning object repositories.

Resources: dave.edtech@rutgers.edu http://sciencelearning.rutgers.edu/edtech.html Office of Instructional & Research Technology https://oirt.rutgers.edu/instruc/online-hybrid/ Center for Online and Hybrid Learning and Instructional Technologies https://onlinelearning.rutgers.edu/faculty-home

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