Guide for making your course Hybrid!

Hybrid Course Design and Implementation: A synopsis.

Cheap live lecture recording

Rutgers is exploring methods to record live lectures. In the meantime, I have put together some pretty cheap tools that work fairly well to produce a fairly finished-looking product. If the camera can be close to the speaker, the quality is higher. I haven't found other options that don't require post-production work or expensive interfaces. The videos produced by the process used here can be posted immediately. They could be streamed live if you wish.

The quality of the video of the lecturer is not great because webcams have a very short focal distance. If the camera is placed closer to the lecturer, the video is clearer.

The audio quality is better in the original lecture recording, but the old computer I am using now has an issue with its sound; and I am battling the hum from an air conditioner beside my wall.

Here are the tools:

We have other resources you could borrow:

  • Interactive projector
  • A Video Conferencing room
  • A nice 'flash memory' camcorder that you could use to record a lecture or other item for your course Canon Vixia HFR52.
  • A couple dozen Microsoft Surface 2 tablets